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New K70 Lux RGB Key Rate Problem


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Dear Corsair Members,


Today I received my new Corsair K70 Lux RGB. Love the style, design and of course lighting.


I have noticed though, that some key presses are not always registering.


Also if I hold a key down, the displayed character or key rate pauses every few characters.


gggg pause gggg pause gggg pause.


Like a stutter or freeze.


If I plug my old ducky keyboard in, there is no problem. very smooth.


I have BOTH usb plugs in USB3.1 and my corsair Mouse plugged into the pass through. Removing the mouse or adjusting the polling rate via the switch at the rear, does not help.


Latest CUE software and latest bios/software for both the keyboard and mouse.


Any ideas? Thank you in advance for your help.



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Ok, so I decided to plug the K70 into another system, running windows 8. No SLI, no GSync etc.


Smooth as butter, no stutter.


My system (fresh install, all drivers and win 10 updates), stutters and not registering some key inputs.


Lets see if we can track down the issue Corsair, please.

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Hi Crew,


Well I found the culprit for the stutter. MSI Gaming App. Disable that, and the stutter is gone :biggrin:


Not sure if it also affects the key stroke not being registered. have not had a time to load up a game yet.


So thank you for looking. Hope it helps others.



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