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Asus P5AD2E Premium problems


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Well i finally got all of my components together to build my dream system and we (my tech friend and I )can't even get it to post, let alone boot. We took off the Thermaltake CPU cooler(had a rough time installing it), and used the stock Intel, getting a short post recognizing the keyboard, then it died again. We checked the RAM, graphics card, and CPU in another system and they all work. Maybe we somehow shorted out the mobo so we placed the mobo outside the case on the antistatic bag, using just the stock Intel cooler, graphics card, 1 gig of RAM, and still nothing. Maybe a defective mobo-I just bought it from Monarch. Maybe the PSU is not up for the challenge-but this is without ANY of the hard drives attached yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

Maybe the CPU cooler was too heavy and affected the CPU socket or the mobo may be DOA. Very frustrating to say the least. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.


Silerstone Nimiz Case

Asus P5AD2E Premium mobo

Antec TP 550 PSU

Thermaltake Silent Tower(dual fans) CPU cooler

P4 3.46 EE

(4) 512 sticks (2 gigs) Corsair Twin Matched 5400C Pro

Nvidia Quadro FX-3400 Graphics

SB Audigy 2 Platinum

Plextor Dual Layer DVD

(4) WD740 Raptor hard drives (RAID 0)

(2) Maxtor Diamond 10 300 gig drives(RAID 1 or Matrix RAID)

(1) WD JB 2500 (JBOD)

Silverstone Card Reader

Silverstone Hard Drive Coolers(2)

Silverstone Fan Controller

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You didn't happen to touch the socket or underside of the CPU, did you?


Also, could you specifically detail what happens when you boot up?





FYI The OUTSIDE of anti-static bags is very often a bad place to put hardware when it's running because the outside is often conductive or has a conductive mesh on it.


This makes the INSIDE safe, but not the OUTSIDE.

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Well there have been a few reporting problems with this PSU on this platform and on SLI platform MB's. But I would try the system with just one module installed and then reset the bios with the CLRTC jumper with no power connected and see if it will post and let you into the bios, if so please set the Dim Voltage to 1.9 Volts with 2 modules or 2.0 Volts with 4 modules and you may not be able to reach PC2-5400 Speeds with 4 modules installed. But you would set the memory Freq to run at 533 and over clock your CPU. But make sure that you have the latest version of Bios as that may be the issue with it not posting.
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Happy, Happy, Happy! We got the system to boot into bios by simply attaching the mobo back to the mobo tray; apparently it was shorting out because it needed to placed on the tray to be grounded by the power supply. Yipee! We're going to install and configure the hard Drives. I'll let you know how that goes. Please see my next thread on Hard drive Config as I may need your help again. Ram guy: Thanks again. Any hope I can overclock the 5400CPro after the system is stable, and doesn't the RAM get overclocked in conjucntion with the CPU OC? I'm a novice at this so please don't laugh.
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