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24 pin connector not going in.


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I'm trying to build with a CX550M unit, and I've ran into an issue trying to plug the 24pin connector into the board. It fits, goes in to some extent, but just won't move AT ALL past a certain point. I looked for answer on the internet and many people seem to have this problem; however there doesn't seem to be a clear solution. For illustration, this picture I found is exactly what it looks like in my case. http://imgur.com/ioi3yut

I split the connector, and the 4 pin part seems to go in correctly, so it comes from the 20pin part.

I've tried :

-Pushing with all my strength

-Wiggling the cables and/or the connector itself

-checking for bent pins/obstructions (found nothing)

My next idea is to buy an extension, this way I'll have a better grip and will be able to force it from both sides and without fear of breaking the board. Is this a good idea ? Is there a known solution that I missed ? Should I give up and request a replacement unit instead ? I'm kind of at a loss.

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