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Carbide 400Q and RM650x - not great experience


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Hi Corsair!


I just wanted to share some of my experience with these 2 products. I quite like both, but they don't work very well together.


The cables on the RM650x are a bit too short and as a consequence are difficult to pass through the "cable-management" side of the case. This is in part because of the 2.5" bays, as the main ATX cable has to go under the bays. And the last consequence is that it puts quite a lot of strain on the motherboard (because the braided cables have a hard heat shrink tube at the end of them, which makes them not-so-flexible).


The other problem are the SATA power cables. In order to connect a few SSDs, I had to get a 'flat' sata power adapter as the ones with the PSU (which have a right angle) made it impossible to connect it to the drives and/or to close the case.


I assume the same applies to the other RMx PSUs such as RM550x, RM750x, RM850x and RM1000x.



The outcome of this (at least for me) is that I had to pass the ATX cable through the middle of the case and remove the PSU and 3.5" covers.

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