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Numberpad vs Keypad


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So things like autohotkey and even previous with my Corsair Vengeance M95 I was able to assign a button to Numpad0-9. However with CUE I seem to only be able to assign a button to Keypad0-9. This has a different functionality as its action becomes dependent on if numlock is on. I frequently like binding in game actions to numpad 1-9 while using home/end and the like while typing casually. Is there anyway to assign an action to the numberpad opposed to keypad? I've even tried having AHK mimic a numpad push thinking it might be my keyboard, but it recorded that as a keypad press as well. I'm currently thinking about resorting ot assigning all my buttons to f13-23 and then using AHK to assign those function buttons to the numpad, but that feels like an obnoxious workaround for what otherwise feels like a rather accommodating key binding interface.
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