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Carbide 400C HD Audio pins


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I was very bored today, and I have removed all the pins from HD Audio connector plug. I had taken pictures before doing so, and I hoped I won't disorder those pins. BUT... On pictures colors red, orange and brown seems almost identical (as yellow or orange). Other photos from the internet has slightly different colors of those cables. So now, I don't know which pin goes where.

According to motherboard manual [cable color]:


1. Port1L [brown probably] | GND [black - ok]

Port1R [???] | Presebce# [thick black - ok]

Port2R [yellow probably] | Sense1_Return [???]

Sense_send [purple - ok] | NO PIN

Port2L [blue - ok] | Sense2_Return [green - ok]


Idk how to check it. I'm aware that your 400C can have different colors. I was trying to look at front panel closely, but connector from this side has completely different color pattern... And I can't find any further information.

Please help!

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I wouldn't expect the 400C cables to be different colours on each 400C case made, You may be looking at the connector that is pictured in a different orientation.



Ok, I found it today... I was mislead by one cable, which in this photo looks like light blue, but irl it is just green... Damn, I panicked yesterday :)


Never in my life, have I been THAT bored.

From all my pc parts I had only the case till yesterday ;P

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