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460x with H80i v2 in the rear, H115i on top


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Can anyone verify if this is doable?


Planning to run the H80i + 120mm ML fans in the rear in push/pull to cool a GPU.


Would prefer to mount a push (or pull, but not both) H115i on top, so I can have the front 3x120 just bring cool air into the case.


thanks in advance!

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0% chance. You can't put a 280mm up top at all. Front mount only. A 240mm will fit, but the overall design of the 460X has a shallow top. Even with a 240, it's going to drop down into the case quite a bit.


Here you can see a rear mounted single radiator for the GPU. Now, those are top 140's and you might save a little room with the 120mm fans on a 240, but it will still be extremely tight. Possible hose run issue with the insertion point at the bottom on some board/GPU combinations.




Compare this to the 240mm top mount and you can see the issue with 99mm of H80i v2. That's twice the thickness of the rear mount H60/75 above. You will need to go front/back radiators for this case, if you want a dual system. On the positive side, I don't think you need a H80i V2 for the GPU. It's probably overkill.


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