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H100i ripped & cracked rubber clamps


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I recently started getting very hot cpu temps while gaming (90+ degrees) so i decided to check if anything on the cooler was wrong. (btw unit was bought about 2 years ago, same time the 900 series was launched) I then noticed that the black rubber clamps on the water block and on the radiator were cracked. Half of the first rubber fitting is even hanging off. Will the unit start to leak because of this? Is this the reason why i'm all of a sudden getting very hot cpu temperatures? It doesnt look very safe, don't want it to leak. Is this RMA qualified?






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No, the rubber hose "sleeves" at the end of the tube are mostly cosmetic, although they do also protect the more vital junction area. It is not responsible for your current temperature issues, although I believe Corsair will honor the warranty and you can RMA the unit for the rubber decay alone.


As for the temperature issue, if there is some sort of flow restriction (blockage or pump failing), you will get normal temperatures on cold boot, but the CPU temps and the H100i Temp (water temperature) will slowly and continuously rise. A normal cooler will stop about 3-6C above room temp, case and cooler dependent. A restricted unit will keep going and may idle 10C+ above room temp. Any sort of load will rapidly increase the 100i Temp and it will stay there. Increasing fan speed will not be effective to control water temps and it will take a very long time for the water temp to come back down, usually only after sleep/power off.


The other common issue is contact between the CPU and cold plate. It can be a micro gap between the two or some sort of TIM issue. The gap usually results is very dramatic temp jumps on simple tasks, like opening a browser or even random background tasks. Idle temps are usually a bit high, but H100i Temps will stay low, even under moderate load. Under heavy load, CPU temps will near thermal shutdown even through the water temperature has not changed. TIM issues can be similar, if the TIM has gotten old, cracked, or no longer carries the energy across the gap.


Not sure if either one will fit your situation, but it might be good to know for peace of mind, even if you RMA for the hoses. Start the RMA process here. You will need a separate account and to upload the purchase invoice.

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