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RM650 compatibility with Intel x99? (missing 4 pin ATX connector?)


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[solved] Got an HDD Molex to 4 pin CPU adapter.


[half solved] I just found that the RM650W comes with one 8 pin ATX connector, while the RM850W+ come with 2. So I need to find out how to get a further 8 pin ATX connector. daaaang :)




I just got an Asus x99 AII which I was thinking of using with a RM650W, but I cannot find a 4 pin connector for the ATX_2 connector.


The mobo has 3 connectors

- 24 pin

- 8 pin

- 4 pin




I can find the first two on the cables that came with the PSU, but I cannot find any other cable that provides a 4 pin ATX connector.


Can I use this PSU or do I need to get a new one :(.




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Hi Emisary. The mobo manual says that the 4 pin is required for normal operation. I think it's because the CPU has 6 physical cores? (so it has one v12 power rail per core - this is an assuption).


In the end I managed to get an HDD Molex to 4pin adapter from an electronics store... but I hope I can get another 8-8pin (or 8-4 pin) braided cable.

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I have seen only the AZ1500i with dual EPS12V to handle X99 boards


unless you are using more than one video card you should be ok


i also assume ddr4 is not as power hungry like ddr2 and ddr3


I have an 850W PSU which I grabbed following problems with counterfeit models and their inability to power video cards

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I'm playing this safe and going by what it says on the manual as I'm not exactly an expert (I've built my own PCs for ~20 years, but it's not my day job ^_^).


This is what it says on the manual (section 1-26), next to a nice warning icon.


DO NOT forget to connect BOTH of the 4-pin and 8-pin EATX12 V power plug


And I'm concerned that I might slightly damage the mobo or CPU... in a way that it won't fail 100% of the time, but that it will become unstable (I have 64Gb of ram and a GTX 1070).

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Just to close this. Corsair support sent me in the right direction and a spare cable can be purchased from the Corsair Store - http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/ax-series-eps-12v-cable-with-ax650-ax750-and-ax850


Since my case is fully closed (Corsair Carbide 400Q), I think I'll keep my current solution which is using an HDD Molex to 4pin CPU adapter. One of the reasons to do this is that the cables for the RM650x are a tad too short for the case, and I'm quite sure the provided cable wouldn't reach the socket if it's passed through the back of the case.



An in a similar topic, I wouldn't recommend using a Carbide 400Q with an RM650x... find a PSU with slightly longer cables(5-10cm would do a big difference)

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