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Can I use more than one profile at the same time?


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I have two keyboards connected to one PC at the same time. One keyboard is a K70 RGB, and the other is a K70 LUX RGB. I would like each keyboard to use a different profile, while leaving both keyboards connected to the PC at the same time. Is this possible?


Some background: I'm left-handed, and up to this point have had to manually change controls in just about every computer game I play because WASD doesn't work for me. It recently occurred to me that I could make a custom profile for my K70 RGB that is essentially a slightly modified mirror-image of the standard QWERTY layout. This way, I can use the typical WASD control scheme with my right hand while using the mouse left-handed. I also relocated my key caps to match the mirrored layout, to make it easier to identify the keys presented during in-game tutorials. Since I am able to touch-type, I assigned the Scroll Lock key as a profile switcher, so that I can quickly toggle between the default profile for typing, and the mirrored profile for gaming purposes.


That part works just fine, but I thought it would be nice to have an additional keyboard (a K70 LUX RGB) to use as a standard keyboard. That way, for certain things that don't lend themselves well to touch-typing (passwords and hot-keys, for instance) I can easily see which keys I need to press. It also allows me to use text chat and enter data within games without having to temporarily disable my gaming layout.


The problem I'm running into is the profiles seem to be global, so when I press Scroll Lock, both keyboards change profiles. I only want the K70 RGB to change profiles, while the K70 LUX RGB remains on the default profile. I really like the Corsair keyboards, so I'd rather not have to replace one with a competitor's keyboard just to be able to have one keyboard remain on the standard QWERTY layout while the other one switches profiles on demand. I also don't want to have to choose between one key cap configuration or the other. Is there a way to get independent keyboard configuration in CUE?

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