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Hey, sorry if this post is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.


I was going to overclock a bit today, I haven't done it in a while since I've mainly played League of Legends. But now I wanted to try BF1, so I wanted to overclock a bit so that I could get 100% performance out of my GPU. (Was around 85%)


However, I noticed my temps were already up towards 90 degrees Celsius on stock and started wondering if there was something wrong.


I reset everything to stock in BIOS and went into CPU-Z and started stressing the CPU and sure enough it gets really hot. 90 degrees, on stock. With "Performance" in Corsair Link, so the radiator fans sound like a jet engine.


Then I thought I should feel if the pipes/tubes were overheating but to my surprise both of them are very cold. Shouldn't at least one of them be transfering the heat from the cpu?


I am confused and I want help as quickly as I can get it.


Is it broken? It says in Link that the pump is running and everything. The temp on the H100i is the same in idle as it is under full load.


I'm having idle temps of around 40-45 degrees on the CPU.


It's a 3770k if that matters.


Thanks a lot guys.

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What is the H100i Temp at idle in the last box on the Link Main page? This is the coolant temperature inside the unit.


Don't run any more load tests for now. First reaction is your cold plate is not making full contact with the CPU, but we'll see.


Post a screenshot of your Link "Main" page if you can.

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