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Corsair Link v4.3.0.154 and WHS2011


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After hardware installation I had also installed Corsair Link (v4.3.0.154) with no actual installation happened (just the installer went through all the steps excluding devices’, showed that all was fine and … product is not there).

Have tried all, including “run as admin” and other tricks. Then had a contact with support (#6837639) with answer - “Well, you OS is not supported” – pretty cool answer for the world famous PSU brand.

So – my solution found was:

1. Install the Corsair Link SW on a standard Win7

2. Copy program folder (CorsairLink4) to the target machine to a neutral location (not Program Files)

3. Start the installation there and point that folder as a target for installation (also confirming overwrites if needed) – normal installation process started (including devices’ installation)

4. Restart (if asked)

5. Voi la! – all works


Hope this helps somebody


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