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Suggestion: Corsair version of the ORB


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As many of you know, having a full-sized keyboard with a large mousepad isn't the most ergonomic of solutions, despite being beneficial in certain circumstances like working in Excel etc..


That's why you now how to compromise when choosing a keyboard; you either have to give up having a numpad (k65), have to use a smaller mousepad with a higher eDPI (just check out reddit's battlestations - holy those mousepads are small! :eek:), or have to force yourself to work and play games in a way that isn't ergonomic and could cause issues down the road.


You've also probably seen professional gamers having to rotate their keyboards to make room for a larger mousepad, which is essential for first person shooters. And if you've tried this yourself you've probably noticed how uncomfortable this is. Example:




So this is why having something like the Razer ORBWeaver would be immensely useful as it doesn't take too much room, so it wouldn't be problematic to use along a full-sized keyboard. The problem with the ORB though is that it sucks; lacks cherry mx switches, needs Razer's crappy software to run, uses a weird layout, costs as much as a full-sized keyboard, etc.. Picture:




I know that at least I would buy one of these if Corsair made something similar, as I hate having to make compromises for work and gaming, and would just want the best of both worlds without having to use multiple keyboards as that just takes up too much room on my desk.


Would be great if other potential buyers would chime in and let Corsair know if you'd like to see them do something similar! :cool:


EDIT: Here's a list of currently available products, and as you can see they all use membrane keys (except for the Orbweaver, but it's not Cherry MX) (*pukes*):



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We have looked into this direction before, but it was not feasible at the time. I remember being shot down immediately. Based on what i've seen, it doesn't look like we will be making anything like this soon.


That is too bad, would have been a nice product to have and I'm sure you guys would have done a much better job than the others. ::pirate:: Btw did the custom screencaps ever amount to anything or did that get shot down as well?

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I've often dreamed of a true Orbweaver-like PC controller. What I mean by that is a gaming peripheral similar to it in design, only with a 360 degree control and several activation level enabled analog stick similar to those found on PS4 and Xbox controllers. As good as mouse control is for precision and speed, for 3rd person movement and especially when driving a car in a game for example, I think analog control is superior.


It would essentially have the best of both worlds, but might require some sort of driver wizardry and possibly support from the game developers as you'd need both controller and keyboard & mouse controls enabled at the same time for it work.


Corsair can you make it happen pretty please? :D:

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