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Grandfather, father, son gamers need help


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I was forward here by Cosair




I am writing because I have become permanently disabled. I am currently in the Intensive care unit (ICU). This is actually my second time in the ICU, and a total of 9 times.


Let me start out with some history about my father and then myself.


First of my father (Richard) was born in Raton, New Mexico, in 1948. In his high school he learned to work on one of the first computers. From there he went to University of New Mexico to study computer engineering. He then went into the U.S. NAVY in 1969. He became a nuclear electronics technician. He operated the nuclear reactors on board ship. After 10 years he was medically discharged due to his knees failing. He at that point went to Montana and got a job traveling across the state to fix full scale typesetters.


After a few years his father got sick and we were all forced to move back to New Mexico. He finished his degree and got hired on at INTEL. He was forced to take an early retirement package from INTEL in 2001. And since then his health has gone down hill to where we are at now. He has torn tendons in his arm that the VA won't do surgery on because he is "too old". They also pulled ask but my dad's 4 front teeth. They were supposed to put permanent dentures in. Well once they pulled they refused to do the surgery for the dentures again now stating he is too old.


I myself (Richard II) was born in Billings, Montana. I went to a few colleges totaling 2 years worth. I ended up not being able to afford college tuition, anymore, with all the moving around. So I joined the U.S. NAVY in 2008. I was a nuclear electricians mate. I was honorably discharged in 2012. I then went on to work for a nuclear power plant.


In August of 2015 I started to get extremely sick. In September I was hospitalized for the first of 9 visits to date. It was discovered I have a double gene inherited from both of my parents. I have familial homozygous hypertriglyceridemia. With Triglycerides teaching 10,000. This has caused permanent damage to my pancreas and the cause of me being in constant severe pain and vomiting. When all this combines is when I go to the hospital. I am diagnosed with pancreatitis. And for the last 2 hospitalizations I have been put into ICU.


I am a huge gamer at heart. I will lots of times lay in my hospital bed watching gamers play on twitch or YouTube. I also watch lots of let's plays in the hospital or at home. I do that a lot because I can't afford to put my money into games so I watch others play so it's like I am sort of playing them.


Not only do I watch in the hospital, I watch at home. I use videos from YouTube and gamers playing to help fall asleep. My pain is so great at night that I need a distraction from the pain in order to let my mind calm and sleep.


My father and I are both gamers at heart. I used to play a lot of co-op games with him. Such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, Hexen Herotic, Shadow Warrior, and our favorites Command and Conquer series.


However with all of the problems my father and I facing we can no longer afford gaming stuff such as computers or all the hardware associated with them or even the games them self. What money I have coming in is used to pay for food and gas, and medical bills.


With Christmas coming up soon, and my father's birthday in February I am trying to write to companies and people to try see if anyone would be willing to help us out. And be able to surprise my father so that way he could actually game for a little bit before he can't remember anything.


I also have a 10 year old son that I would love to teach him how to build/assemble/troubleshoot a computer.


I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my letter.


Thank you so much,

Richard II


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