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K70 lux massive dramas cue


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Hello guys so I got the k70lux (first mechanical kb)

When I got it from the shops after the tower had just been built, I installed the cue. Worked perfectly

Until I formatted my windows. (Cos didn't have antivirus for 2 weeks)

Fast forward I installed everything such as games updates etc and decided to install the cue for my keyboard last.


Then during the installation of it! I stopped abou 50-55% and gives me a blue error (while it's saying installing drivers) message saying


massive blue screen with a sad safe in it.

And yes it deleted everything and restored me to when I formatted so wasted a lot of time downloading


Has anyone got this issue or am I the only one out of 7.2 billion people out there?


I hope someone has the answer to this cos god doesn't..


thanks in advance!:eek:

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I see you have a GTX 1070 as your GPU, are you trying to install CUE 2.5 perhaps? If so, it has been pulled because there seems to be a problem with a Nvidia DLL crashing during the installation process.


They have re-uploaded CUE 2.4 in the downloads area, for now I suggest you download this older version and use that.

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