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HDDs not being detected with new PSU


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So my old PSU is pretty old and I'm building a second computer, so I decided to buy a new PSU for my primary computer and swap them out. I've done that now and completely rewired my computer. So I turn my computer back on and none of my icons are loading. I take a quick look and only my SSDs are detected. I have all my hard drives and disk drive hooked up on 1 six pin connector (I use a splitter which hooks into 1 SSD and 1 HDD) which a cursory google says is okay. I have for testing purposes unplugged 2 of the drives, one of the SSDs and one of the HDDs. So on this 6 pin cables theres a working SSD, a not-working HDD and a disk drive. The PSU is a corsair CX550M and the old PSU was a rocketfish RF-550WPS. Does anyone know why this is happening?


EDIT: Yes the HDDs are visible in BIOS

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