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Corsair PSU compatibility with older systems!


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Hello everyone! I try to build a retro system for gaming, fun and nostalgia but I try to use a modern PSU in order to guarantee stability and long life.

Here are the parts that I will use:

1.CPU: Athlon XP 3200.

2.M/B: Abit AN7.

3.RAM: corsair 2*1 GB kit with heat spreaders.

4.GPU: at the moment ATI radeon 9250 but will later upgrade to a geforce 7000 series card maybe 7800 GS.

5.PSU: corsair TX 750w V2 or RM 650w.

6. various other components that are not relevant.

The question is: which one of the above PSU would be better suited for such a system?

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