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H115i fan problems.


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Hi everybody - a few weeks ago i got the H115i.


One of the fans is making a "funny" noise, so therefor i wonna buy a new fan.


I went to look for a new fan and the only think i found was;




i'm not entirely sure that it will work/fit with my H115i system, can u guys confirm?


Also, if i wanted something better then the original fan for the H115i - what would you suggest?


Have a nice evening.


Alex, Denmark

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Yes, it's the same as the H115i. However, if your current set of fans is ticking. clicking, or otherwise misbehaving, file a support ticket with Corsair and see if they will ship you a new fan. If you are forced to purchase or for whatever reason would like something different, I would go with a different PWM 140mm fan. You won't find anything that really moves more air, but you can go quieter and improve the appearance. Most people do not need or want to use that 1500-2000 part of the RPM band anyway. The ML140 series is a very good alternative, however they are not cheap and the most expensive 140mm fan you can buy.
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