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Corsair H100i V2 Pump grinding/clicking/rattling


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Hey everyone,


I got a new Corsair H100i V2 (aka GTX) and noticed that the pump made a very loud rattling noise. I definitely narrowed it down to the pump as the rest of the system is very quiet.


I returned it to the store where they were happy to swap for another one. The replacement makes the same noise (in fact I feel like it sounds a bit worse).


I have the case oriented horizontally at the moment, but vertical orientation makes no difference, the noise is still there.


Turning Corsair Link on does reduce the noise, but it's still there, just not as audible. Is it an issue with a whole batch of these pumps, or what's up? I know the previous models had some similar problems, but I had assumed it was all fixed in the latest versions.


I can probably put up with the noise if I knew it was 'normal' but I'm worried it's an issue with the pumps that will give me problems later.


Cheers for the advice. :)


Edit, found a GTX example with the same noise. The noise sounds like this: [ame]

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No, it's not supposed to sound like that, but I am afraid some come right out of the box with that feature. It is irritating beyond words and you should not put up with it. It will not get better in time.


If this is brand new, returning to your retailer might be the best option. If the vendor is unfriendly or just isn't reliable, you can also RMA through Corsair. You will need to create an account for the tech support site and upload the invoice to establish the warranty period. Be sure to explicitly mention this is a brand new unit and ask Corsair to provide a shipping label.

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