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Does AX1200i Self Test Do A PG Test?


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I am building a new computer.


A couple of weeks ago, I bought a refurbished AX1200i from my local MicroCenter.


I ran the self test and it looked good. I was lazy and impatient; so, I did not drag out my atx power supply tester ... stupid mistake.


After a couple of hours I started getting a continuous boot loop similar to that described in this thread. This burned out the disk controller on my motherboard and a small case fan power distributer.


The power supply self test still said it was good; so, I knew it was time to dig out my tester. The PSU was failing with a too high power good value.


Yesterday, I went back to the store and exchanged the PSU for a new one. Being extra cautious, I have not put it in my system, yet. It also passes the self test. My tester fails it for a too high power good value.


Based on this experience with 2 power supplies, I am under the impression that the self test does not check the PG signal value. :eek:


Does AX1200i self test do a PG test?


Does Corsair do a PG test when you re-certify refurbished PSU's?


On Saturday, I am going --- for the third time to Micro-center to buy a PSU for my system. Without some assurance from Corsair that I have just been extraordinarily unlucky, I do not plan to bring home another AX1200i

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