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is CUE missing DPI preset up and down binding


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Current mouse is Scimitar. Could not find a rebinding option for DPI similar to what comes with the default setup (the two buttons below mouse wheel)

In the remap key/button box, there seems to be no option.


Worse still, when you remap one of the old dpi buttons, you cannot remap it back to the old setting without reverting mouse to default settings. I was able to fix this by creating a new action. If this is how the mouse performed this action in the past, why was it not in my current selection of actions?


So, two questions i guess.

1. Is there no DPI profile switch button in the remapping section?

2. If there is no actual keybind for dpi profile switching, and the mouse does it through the CUE progam's actions section, then why cant i see it in my currently selectable actions. (i can see the one i create, but not the one the mouse would use by default)

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