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What is this spacebar CH-8970021?


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  • 2 months later...

I would also like to know this, as I need to replace mine.


I ordered a factory refurb K70 from a website that showed the smooth, lit spacebar in its pictures... but they sent me the textured, unlit spacebar that I was trying to avoid. This essentially makes the key lighting on the spacebar pointless, as it is blocked.


Which spacebar model is CH-8970021, link http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/k70-replacement-spacebar ?

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A quick update:


After posting here and seeing that nobody seemed to know, I opened a Customer Support Ticket here: https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp


As my product was new and under warranty, I sent them the required scan of my receipt. I asked what the model spacebar CH-8970021 was, and was told it was the textured one without lighting.


As I had also told them on the support ticket that I wanted the smooth one that lit up, they used my address to send the smooth one to me for free. As it was being sent from USA to UK, though... I was told it would take a few weeks (which it did). It arrived in a small bubble-wrap lined envelope.


I have asked multiple times for the part code of the smooth spacebar and have only been told that they no longer produce or sell the smooth spacebars. I expect the one that I was sent is from old stock... and when its gone - its gone.


If you open a support ticket from the link above and your product is under warranty then you may be able to get some luck in sourcing the smooth spacebar. Otherwise, maybe try to source a compatible part? :/

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Following is my conversation with support agents via the link given above (I will update this if I get any more info):


Initial Request

Subject: What model spacebar is on your parts website?

Description: I am looking for the spacebar that is smooth and has lighting. I was sent the wrong spacebar on a factory refurb unit from Scan (UK). They sent the keyboard with a textured, unlit spacebar... instead of the smooth, lit one featured on their website.


Which model spacebar is CH-8970021, for sale on your parts website, here: http://www.corsair.com/en-gb/k70-replacement-spacebar


I require information / support / knowledge, not an RMA for the whole keyboard (a replacement spacebar would be acceptable, however... I still wish to know which model the one that I listed is).






Created By: Technical Support Rep (1/3/2017 6:39 PM)



The space bar on our website is textured space bar, we'll send the non textured to you manually since your keyboard is still within warranty.



Created By: Daryl Knight (1/4/2017 8:29 AM)

Thanks you for sending me the smooth spacebar.


My address for the part is:



If possible, could you also tell me what the part number/code is for the smooth spacebar?



Created By: Deanna CS (1/6/2017 4:02 PM)

Hello Daryl,


I have sent the space bar, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the Space bar to arrive, thank you and Have a great weekend!


Kind regards,





Created By: Daryl Knight (1/24/2017 5:15 PM)

I have recieved the smooth spacebar. May thanks :)


I have still not had a reply with the part number for the smooth spacebar though.


If possible, could you tell me what the part number/code is for the smooth spacebar?


I am asking this as other people also need this information, not just me. You can see this in the following link (this is one person in many that prefer the smooth spacebar):





Created By: Daryl Knight (1/24/2017 5:16 PM)

* May thanks = Many thanks (typo)



Created By: Deanna CS (2/3/2017 10:41 AM)

Hello Daryl,


The part number is CH-8970025, have a great weekend.


Kind Regards,



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I had to RMA my K70RGB and got a RGB LUX instead.


There are some differences beyond the usual listed ones, but the hideous textured space bar just kills it for me. It just looks cheap and off place, even with the new ugly font. Sadly, support told me there are no more smooth space bars available and I can't find it anywhere else.


I bought a very classy keyboard and now I have a g4m1ng! one :(


Any ideas?



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