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K70 RGB - Need help!


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Hello, I'm having problems with my K70 RGB and need some help here.


I dropped my cup of coffee on top of the keyboard, and spilled it all over the right side of the keyboard. I immediately unplugged it, removed all the caps, washed them and rinsed the keyboard asap to try to solve the problem.


After that I used a hair dryer and as soon as water stopped dripping out of the switches i used a dry cloth to wipe the outside, placed the caps back in and left it there.


After 5 hours drying up I just connected it back and it looks like 95% of the problem is fixed, the mechanical switches work, I can type OK but:

1. The Y key sometimes presses itself twice.

2. Locks are having a little lightning problem. Right now they are working right, but 5 minutes ago I could light all 3 using the Caps Lock, the others wouldn't change the leds, although all 3 locks work correctly.

3. This is the worst right now, media keys don't work. They press themselves automatically, most notably the mute key. Having Spotify on, songs are paused/played randomly and skip forward/backwards.


I've been looking at guides and people recommend disassembling the keyboard, unscrewing it completely which I don't want to risk doing.


Can you please lend me a hand here?


PS: I installed CUE last version, and as soon as I open it the profile I had stored in the keyboard gets replaced by that crappy swirling rainbow. Is there any way to recover the profile that is stored within the on-board memory? I can still get it if I don't turn on CUE.


Thanks in advance.

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