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CUE not working on a 4K monitor?


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The first problems I was having was macro executions could not work so I figured out I had to have 2.4.66 for them to work for me so that was fine.


When I changed my res to 4k it seems to stop working. I've tried re-installing and repairing with restarts in-between but that didn't work.


I did manage to get it to work for one gaming session until I turned my PC off then it stopped working.




Another problem I have is my Corsair VOID 7.1 USB Headset driver does not install or does not work at all, it's just a sound icon with a yellow ! over it in the Device Manager so I've gone back to using my old Earforce X12 turtle beach.

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CUE does support 4K but I've seen this issue occur when people are using outdated video drivers. Are you using the latest from Nvidia/AMD?


As for your VOID issue, right click it in device manager, choose properties and go to the driver tab. Choose uninstall, check the box to delete the driver, and then apply. Then go to "scan hardware devices" so the system will install the driver for the headset again. I have this issue on one PC and for some reason, Windows does this from time to time where it won't recognize the driver on a CUE install but will recognize it when you try again.

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