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CUE 2: Any way at all to group profiles together?

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Is there any way to group profiles together? It doesn't have to be exactly like it was in CUE 1. At this point I'll take anything...


With the limited space and unsorted list of profiles, CUE 2 has become incredibly difficult to navigate when you have more than a few profiles. I'm no KrazyKid, but I've made a few dozen profiles for myself. Packaging them together by theme, game, style, etc made a lot of sense to me, and I'm lamenting the loss.


Switching profiles has also become an absolute chore. I've never linked profiles to specific programs, and find it to be a jarring experience overall.


I trust Corsair to get CUE 2 to a better place eventually, but I'm very close to going back to CUE 1, despite it being slightly less flexible.


(And while I'm complaining... can we get hex codes back? It would make copying colors to different effects and converting all my old profiles a hell of a lot easier...)

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