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H75s Running Hot on GPUs


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So I have H75 watercoolers for each of my R9 290 GPUs and they've been working well for over a year. Just this week I suddenly noticed that the idle temperature on the main GPU was sitting at 65C while the secondary GPU was at 37C. Under full load the main GPU hits 94C.


I pulled out the main GPU worrying that it might get damaged from the heat and tested on the second GPU. It also hits 94C under load as well although the idle temp while using it as a main GPU is 44C now.


The GPU with the high temp has the radiator above the pump and the secondary GPU has the pump above the radiator.


Not really sure what caused this to happen and thinking maybe it was the Windows 10 Anniversary update I reverted back to the old Windows 10 but the problem remained.


The GPU's are fully up to date so I'm not sure where else to check.


Anyone have any ideas on what may have caused this?



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I just replaced the card back into my machine, the BIOS states that the RPM on the pumps are 1140 for the hot card and 1534 for the other, which seem a bit a low.


The motherboard is an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth and it doesn't seem like theres a way to adjust the speeds from the BIOS, is anyone familiar with this or know what the expected RPMs should be?

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