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need Carbide 400C Long Fan Screws


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I have a Carbide 400C case fitted with an h115i radiator.


The 400C came packed with (4) #6-32 thread, 1-1/4" long, Wafer-head (1mm thick, flat top & bottom), Phillips-driven machine screws.


The screws that were packed in with the h115i are Pan-head and have a head thickness exceeding 3mm, causing the magnetically-attached dust screen on the front face of the 400C to buckle and not seal to the metal chassis, leaving open, un-screened airflow into my case through the radiator.


The case is advertised in pictures as fitting their full sized 280mm radiators in push/pull configuration. I tried installing the (4) wafer head screws in diagonal placement, but the radiator is too heavy to remain in position (held vertically only by chassis-to-fastener friction) and the fans rattle between the radiator and the case's mount slots.



I created an RMA request for additional screws specific to the 400C and, after being sent the accessory kit for Graphite-series cases (CC-8930268), I was told "I apologize, but we do not have screws with a flat head like you are requesting. Unfortunately, that's the best we can offer at this time."

If the 400C and 400Q are still shipping, I would beg to differ.


I'm aware the new Crystal 460X probably indicates the 400C's imminent discontinuation, but the 400 series accessory kit has not ever been available for sale anywhere.



I'm not trying to foment bad blood or act in bad faith. I'm willing to pay a fair price for the parts; I don't expect it to be free. The radiator chassis is soft aluminum and I've read here that the Corsair factory screws are machined to the low end of the #6-32 tolerance. I don't want to wreck the radiator trying to hold it still and quiet, as I should reasonably expect it to perform.



If anyone knows where I can find suitable replacement screws for the 400C-specific front fan mount, I would greatly appreciate it. I've looked all over the place, from every local hardware store to all over the net, with no results.



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Any luck with this, I'm in the same predicament as you are or were. I'm trying to attach the h115i but the pan-heads are causing the filter to separate.


I thought trying my local hardware store.


Found this accessory kit for the 900D, seems to bring the long flat head screws but cant tell the specs.




Also found these which seem to be just what we're looking for. I'm going to check out the local hardware store as the shipping on these would kill me.

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Nope. This was originally posted to the RMA issue forum, but a mod/admin moved it here. Clearly it has generated no interested from anyone at Corsair.


Checking out this Obsidian 900D kit:


Those screws do indeed look the part. And this case looks to have been released back in 2013?


If these are indeed a match for the 400, I'm only left wondering why I was sent the accessory kit to a Graphite series case that would have been a known incompatibility:



I would've paid the $6 difference if these are a confirmed 100% match. I would pay the whole $10 + shipping IF IT WAS A CONFIRMED 100% MATCH.


That said, they should have simply packed (12) of the screws, not (4), considering they advertise a 360mm radiator (3x120mm) will fit the front.


Thanks for this discovery - I'll look into it once all this holiday commotion blows over.

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Indeed they should have included more long screws to attach to all the supported radiators or at least a complete set of 8 considering most radiators use 8 and not 4.


Keep me posted, if possible. I'll be doing some digging around the local stores if not i'll bite on the Fastenal.com place.

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