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Vengeance 2100 suddenly died.


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Hi forum,


I've had a lot of fun with my vengeance headset. First got the vengeance 2000, which I had RMA'ed twice due to broken plastic hinges. Corsair accepted the issue and sent me the 2100, which is a clearly better headset, where it did not break - thumbs up.


However.. Now the 2100 just died, and now its out of warranty. It seems like the issue described in the youtube video here: [ame]

[/ame] where the headset is frozen. I tried the fix, and it did nothing for me.


Has anyone else had the headset suddenly stop working, and then it would not power on again, even with the charging cable in? If there's a way to get the headset powered on that is not the suggested fix in the video, any help would be appreciated.

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