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Suggestion:Mic Boom Foam On Corsair Void


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If u had this problem in a conversation with friends on skype/TS3/Discord or whatever u use "Stop Breathing into the mic" when it is miles away from nose/mouth and you are like im not breathing into it and then u are like i will show u how it sounds when breathing into the microphone sounds like and this horrible sensitive Mic catch the most violent breath and broadcasts it into the conversation and your friends will pull off their ears just to make the sound go away. i have tried many things but nothing works if u pull it to far away from mouth and head ppl will say "u're low" and then u will put it closer to your head then they respond "It is good now" and u think everything is fine and 2 minutes later they start again "Stop Breathing into the Mic" and u'll get frustrated and try and find the sweetspot but to fix this problem i would suggest a quick and easy solution a Mic boom foam The Mic is fantastic alone but almost to sensitive to wind and breathing and would be much better to just put one of these things on it






This thing will make sure that Wind and breathing wont be catched so easily


TLDR: I would strongly Suggest to avoid breathing/wind being catched by the Microphone to put on a Mic Boom Foam

as it cancel out Breathing and Wind.

The mic is great but too sensitive to avoid catching Breathing and Wind Sounds

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