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M65 PRO RGB sniper button not binding macro


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I just bought an M65 Pro.


What I'm trying to do:

Use the sniper button for a function in game.


How I think I'm supposed to do this:

Assign a macro to the sniper button.


What's not's working:

The macro doesn't play when I press the button.


If I record a macro, and assign it to the button, it disables the default function of the button but doesn't play the macro when I press the button. In this case, I want the button to press keyboard j. Keyboard j is assigned in game to do a specific function. So I recorded a macro to press and release j and assign it to the sniper button.

However, nothing happens. Even if I go into notepad, pressing the sniper button doesn't type the letter j.


If I delete the macro, the sniper button returns to it's default function of lowering the sensitivity. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?


Firmware is version 2.05, CUE version 2.5.66

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Got the same problem but with the DPI buttons, Trying to get them to do ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab as I use them for going between tabs in Chrome, they have always worked before, but now when I updated the CUE software it simply won't work. Everything else works as it should though. Any suggestion?
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