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Help optimizing memory usage CORSAIR 12GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz + ACPI issue


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Hi guys,


So when I had physically installed my new memory it took quite some time to get it configured correctly but finally I got it running.


When enabling the optimized defaults inside BIOS, I get the following statistics (attachments - optimized defaults). However as you can see then the memory only runs at 1060 Mhz, instead of the supposed 1600 Mhz. Therefore I enabled some settings in BIOS (attachments - cpu features / memory settings / quantum overview / voltage settings) as seen in the attachments and optained a stable setup (attachments - configured 1600 Mhz).


This runs smooths, fires up safely and even lets me reboot. However from time to time I notice that if my system is down for more than 24 hours, that I do not succeed in rebooting correctly and I get some error popping up about the AHCI BIOS not being installed.


So 3 questions

1) Any idea what could be causing the AHCI BIOS issue?

2) Any suggestions on how to tweak the memory better? I do not want to overclock the CPU per se, only focus on running the memory at the desired speed.

3) I do notice that my CPU and GPU tend to get temps which are safe according to specs, but in my opinion quite high for running simple text editing and browsing during grabbing them. Anyone got suggestions to improve this?




I was able to screengrab the error in BIOS see attachments. Weird thing is it says AHCI BIOS not installed but when hitting DEL i get into BIOS immediatly and after configuring everything I do fire up perfectly fine again. System does auto adjust the 1,5V to 1,6V for the memory. Is it possible my MoBo is not able to run it with 1,5V? Also disabled overclock recovery (see message in screenshot) to see if that causes any issues.








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