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Dominator Platinum - Led Issues


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Hi All,


First post here, and hoping you can advise me on a slight issue I am having.

I was under the impression that the colour of the LED on the Dominator Platinum RAM would be white? Currently the LED is red, which isn't exactly ideal as it does not match the colour scheme of Black and White which I am hoping for.


I have downloaded Corsair Link and cannot seem to find anyway to change the LED colour.


I am completely stumped on how to get these to change to white.

Any idea?

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OK, you have a Z170 so they should show up in CL4 with the temperatures being reported, are they?


Are you asking about changing the DIMM cooler fan colour? If so then you need a CL Mini to be able to do this.


What does my SIV utility report on the initial screen + [ SPD ] + Menu->System->SMB Bus panels? Attach .PNG screen shots, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=874699 for typical examples of what to expect.

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