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Fan + pump is alway high


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I just put together my rig and found out that the Corsair H115i is Always working överdriver. I have nothing installed now beside the LINK v4.3.9.154 installed.

My Components are:

My Motherboard: X99-DELUXE II LGA2011-v3

My Cooler: H115i

My case: be quiete 900 Pro (maybe not relevant)


What i have connected:


The H115i SATA connector is connected to my power supply (SATA).

  • The 3-pin header is connected to CPU_FAN header on motherboard.
  • The two H115i fans are connected to the H115i's own 2 headers.
  • And the USB is connected to my motherboard (had to sacrifice the front USB2 connectors).


This motherboard has tons of tweeks in the bios so i'm afraid there is something there messing things up. I have not changed anything myself but starting to go to the bios try changing from PWM to DC (there is an option for each fan port).


Anyway who has this MB or knows more about what could cause this problem. I attach an image from LINK so you see the values.

My CPU is 6850k and is running at around 36-38degree which is normal for idle i read.


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One thing that bugs me is also that i have 2 front fan + 1 fan at the back of my case but here there are only 2 shown beside the H115i fan + pump. Its strange.

These 3 fans are all connected to my cases own circuit. and powered with a SATA cable and one more single 3-pin that i connected to a random fan connector on the motherboard.

Maybe this is relevant info as well.

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I'll start with the easy one... make sure your H115i fans are assigned to the H115i Temp Group in the configure panel. I believe it is right click on the fan box to bring this up. H115i Temp is the coolant/water temperature inside the unit. This is the value directly affected by fan speed (not CPU temp) and thus is the control variable. All of the pre-made fan curves are designed with this in mind (note the 40C=100% fan speed line).


I'll take you at your word that AI Suite is not installed, so we'll rule out that possible software conflict for the time being.


All the connections appear to be correct. The H115i will report a single fan speed to the BIOS/motherboard, but the H115i fans are not controllable from there. The power is supplied via the SATA cable. Nevertheless, I do think it is a good idea to set the CPU Fan header to "Full Speed" in the Q-Fan BIOS or "disabled" in the Advanced BIOS->Monitor Tab (same result - different terminology). That should keep the BIOS or other Asus software from trying to tune that header like a fan.


If you are using the DB900's PWM fan controller, it is likely not all the fans will be reported in Link. I would not be too worried by this and you cannot control them from Link anyway.


Your idle water and core temps suggest the cooler is working properly, but obviously the fan speed is irritating. You should be able to keep these temps with far lower (500-700 rpm) speeds. However, the top "dome" on the DB900 may keep your water temperature just a few degrees warmer than someone else with an identical CPU/cooler/voltage. You have lots of room to spare, but keep this in mind when comparing to others.

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Thanks allot for the reply.


I use the profile Quiet but here i cant seen to change the one and only fan to the H115i Temp Group. I press apply and OK but when i go back its back to what i was Before. Seems the program is buggy, now after sevarl tries and creating a new profile it seems that it remembered even in the predefined Quiet profile.


I wanted to see if this makes any difference so i pulled the values to 0% and nada, its still going at 2000rpm :(


In Bios it gets really confusing, i have this Q-Fan and there is 2 options for each header i can select--> PWM or DC. I tried full, silent, custome to 0% and 100%. Still no change :/

Will see if i can disable somehow.


I dont use any fancontroller beside the one coming with the case.


This is sooooo irritating, i changed my case to get it quiet and now i get a headaik sitting next to it with this loud fan sound :(


It took me several hours to put this beast together...hope you guys can help me figure this out.


EDIT: i disabled Q-Fan in but i Think its only for monitoring. And yet still not change.


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TIn Bios it gets really confusing, i have this Q-Fan and there is 2 options for each header i can select--> PWM or DC. I tried full, silent, custome to 0% and 100%. Still no change :/

Will see if i can disable somehow.


This part is my fault and should have been more clear with my words. You cannot change any aspect of the cooler's performance (pump or fans) from within the BIOS on the H115i. However, specifically with Asus, I find it helpful to set the Q-Fan program for CPU_FAN (the one with the H115i connected) to "FULL SPEED". It will have no bearing on the operation, but it effectively disables some of the master fan controls and other motherboard based controls from thinking it needs to change the "fan" on the end of the header. This is how you disable the header and the easiest way. Going into the Advanced BIOS is another. You don't need to do anything further with the BIOS.



As for the fan control, in your screen shot the fan(s) are assigned to the proper control group (H115i Temp). In the 29-31C H115i Temp range I have seen in your screen shots so far, the fan should not be running anywhere close to 2000 rpm at those temperatures. Quiet mode is perfectly fine to use and should cap the fan speeds at a much lower level. It is possible the program does not like the values assigned (the flat minimum) and I don't have the program parameters for an "acceptable" curve. However, if it still does this on the standard Quiet mode setting, something is wrong.


There is another user who has written a different control program for the hardware called SIV. You can find more information here and also the download, if desired. You might be able to use SIV as a diagnostic tool to see if this issue is software or hardware related. Red-Ray is an active member and may be able to guide you through some of the issues.


If you are wiped out and just need peace and quiet for a few days, take the fans off the pump block and connect them to either CPU_FAN and OPT or another CHA_FAN header on a splitter. You can move the H115i lead to a CHA_FAN header and set that header to "Full Speed" in the Q-Fan BIOS control. You can set the H115i fan to whatever BIOS Q-Fan curve you feel is appropriate. In the advanced BIOS (press F7) -> Monitor Tab -> Scroll way down -> You will see all of the Q-fan info in BIOS column form. There you will also find spin up/down fan delays for each header. These are very useful to keep the radiator fans from changing speed constantly when set to CPU Temperature. Also, since the fans do cool the CPU directly but instead remove heat from the water, you do not need the radiator fans to keep in step with every single dynamic change of your CPU. In this scenario, you will not be able to control the fans from Link and may wish to set Link not to run on start-up. This can be a permanent solution and is how I control my fans on my X99 board, however I do think it is important to establish the source of your current problem. Software issues have multiple solutions, but a hardware problem with the H115i fan controller would be better addressed now while you have the maximum return/replacement options from Corsair and the vendor.

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Great tips, i had forgotten about SIV. Its a great tool. I have seen @Red-Ray around the forum. His also very helpfull.


I tried SIV now and no matter what i change it dont do anything, its like 1800-2000RPM is minimum.

I'm no expert with SIV but it should change the RPM when i change and apply it i Believe.


For now i can try to see if i can change the Cables around for some quiete time, this is getting really bad.

Just so i get it right.

This pump has 3 Cables

1) the 3 pin Cable that i now have connected to CPU_FAN

2) the first fan mounted on the radiator

3) the second fan mounted of the radiator

4) usb Cable


So now i can move 2&3 to CPU_FAN + CPU_OPT.

Should i maybe move 1 (3 pin connector) to the W_PUMP on the motherboard?

not sure what 1) actually does to be honest.


Lastly i totally agree with you, i want to know the root cause of this issue. At this Point i'm not sure if this problem is caused by the cooler or motherboard or something else.




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1) The 3/2 pin lead from the pump only reports a fan speed to the motherboard. This is not super useful unless you are powering the fans from the pump block, but not using Corsair Link. It's more practical value is it solves the 'CPU Boot Error' problem that occurs when you try to start-up with nothing on CPU fan. With the radiator fans now on CPU_FAN, you can move the H115i lead to the Water Pump header. That is as good a place as any for it. Incidentally, there is nothing special about the water pump header, other than a default 12v/100% setting. It can be reconfigured to act as a normal fan control header if ever needed.


You might try leaving the two fans on the splitter and connecting to CPU_FAN (leave OPT alone) for the sole purpose of testing the splitter. It's not likely, but there have been cases of faulty wiring and a bad speed wire/sensor could be the problem. Long term I would put each on it's own header CPU & OPT. OPT will always mirror the same speed as CPU fan and there are no separate controls for it.


Leave the USB plugged in for now. It is necessary for Link and also making LED changes, etc. You will want to troubleshoot this again later. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the SIV data. I am not up to date on it and my knowledge about it is certainly a sliver compared to its creator.

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YAYYY i Think i know what the problem is :)


I made a RMA last night on the H115i and was thinking doing the same on the motherboard as well, i tried the fans on motherboard and still they were going high (didnt check if both or only one but the sound was damn high)


So next i disconnected the fans from MB and the connected only 1 to the Corsairs Power Cable as shown in Picture and wola it worked as it should using

1 fan (LINK is able to finally controll the speed). As soon as i connect the second fan in (either alone or together with this fan) it starts to go high again.


A few observations, the second Power Cable (in the Picture attached) has only 3 pins while the one connected has 4 pins. Maybe this is as it should?


Also the fan speed is reported only for the fan connected to the 4 pin connector (guessing thats the extra pin for).

So when i connect the faulty fan, LINK shows 900RMP when the second fan goes 2000RPM. This is perhaps how its suppose to work if the fans work together and have the same RPM.


Would be great if someone could confirm my conclusion that this is indeed the fan related problem. Sadly i dont have any extra fan at home so i need to get one to try this again.

This is the worst part to replace, its so darn hard to get this big thing in and out , i hope i dont have to remove it from the CPU or it will be even more messy, i will then need to Clean the CPU and use CPU paste :/


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I tried SIV now and no matter what i change it dont do anything, its like 1800-2000RPM is minimum.

I'm no expert with SIV but it should change the RPM when i change and apply it i Believe.


Yes it should and if not there is a hardware issue and you were correct to RMA.


The [Cooling Status] contains all that is usually needed, with [Hardware Status] having more information and [sensor Debug] only being needed if SIV reports wonky sensor information.


1) The 3/2 pin lead from the pump only reports a fan speed to the motherboard.


No it's half the pump speed for the H115i + H100iV2 + H80iV2. Corsair changed this from the previous generation of Asetek coolers and totally failed to specify this :mad:.


As I don't have one of these coolers it took me a while to figure this out, but eventually a SIV user changed the pump speed and the speed reported to CPU_FAN changed in phase.


See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156661


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A few observations, the second Power Cable (in the Picture attached) has only 3 pins while the one connected has 4 pins. Maybe this is as it should?


I would call that cable the fan PWM Y cable. The missing pin-3 is the speed signal as only one fan speed can be reported by Asetek coolers. You should use the 4-pin if you only have one fan connected or use a 4-way PWM splitter.

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Thanks for the information.

The PWM Y cable I'm using is the one coming out of the

H115i so by design it has one 4 pin and one 3 pin.

As you say then there is no point with 4 pin on the second

PWM of only one speed signal can be received.

Right now I have only one fan connected to the 4 pin

PWM Y cable and its reporting basically half the pump speed. Was wondering why it's double but you answered that question :)

Will have to chase a new fan and try again. This is so annoying when you don't have extra parts around.


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Maybe getting these

Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm

Seem quiets..


EDIT: just got me 2 of these and just WAOO!!! These are soooo quiete. Its almost as if they are not spinning :D

Even at balance or Close to max you cant hear them. I wish Corsair would replace their crappy fans with these quality fans.

Simply Amazing how big of a difference 2 simple fans make.


Thanks allot @c-attack & @red-ray for the support! Its much appeciated.

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