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Some Corsair Link wrong Data


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I Have some issues with Corsair Link.


First Issue is that is showing 2 fans running at 940 RPM apparently conected to the motherboard, but I have no fans connected to the motherboard.


Second is that in the fan profiles, It shows a maximum RPM of 4000 , but my fans cant reach that speed, please see pic:




Also there seems to be a problem with max fan RPM:




This Pic is taken with the fans at "MAX" setting in the CL software. FrontBot FrontUP and Rear are Corsair ML140 fans that acording with their tech specs have a max of 2000 RPM but cant get more of 1700 from them, is this normal?


BotFront and BotRear are Corsair ML120's whose max RPM is 2400, this seems correct. And finally Ram Fans are Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM cooler fans. There arew no data about these fans in corsair website, but 4000 RPM seems a bit too much, or is this correct too?


Corsair link version is updated to the last one available from download.


Thanks for your help.

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