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Mute and Info Lights


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Has anyone here got a Void and thought to themselves, "thank god I have that Info light on my mic boom"?


The light that I found really useful on my old Logitech headset was the mute light and it was a selling point for me on this Void headset. What I didn't know when I bought the Void was the mute light wasn't actually visible, at all, not even remotely close to visible.


Point I'm trying to make is, can we please have a feature in CUE to switch the useless Info light for the Mute light? Is this a feature in CUE 2 already? I'm too scared to upgrade after all the horror stories about it.


On a side note, how on earth did this headset go from the design phase to actual production without a single Corsair employee putting the headset on with their eyes open and testing the mute?


Clearly the whole mic boom and mic need replacing on your next headset Corsair. Here is my feedback to hopefully improve it...


1. Make it shorter. I hate having to move it every time I take a sip of coffee.


2. Make the mute light visible.


3. Do away with the clicky feel when you move the boom up and down. It feels so cheap. I'm scared it's going to break every time I touch it.


4. Mute when the boom is lifted. This doesn't mean I don't want a mute button too. Sometimes I need an emergency mute button.


5. Make it actually work and give us some gain adjustment. Mine is actually ok but so many people are asking for this I thought I'd add it to the list.


6. If you want to save money then get rid of the Info light. I might be wrong here, some people might love it, maybe it's useful for the wireless version, but it seems worthless to me. It tells me that I just changed EQ setting right? I know I did, I was there, I was the one that just pressed the damn button. If I want to be notified that I pressed a button I still have the beeps to tell me.


Anyway, rant over, sorry for the long post and thanks for reading it (even if Toasted is the only one who did).

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