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K65 with MX Silent switches?


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Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to corsair keyboards (although my wife has the Strafe RGB MX Silent) I reluctantly picked up the K65 LUX RGB yesterday (reluctantly, because I'm not a fan of the clicky/noisy keys mechanical KBs tend to come with.) I do like the overall look of the K65, and the shorter, ten key less versions are a must for me.


While I do really enjoy the K65 LUX, I'm finding the noise level just unbearable for me, and most likely will return it... Is there by chance a K65 with MX Silent keys available?



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Thanks for getting back to me.

I may end up keeping it and simply look into getting some of those o-rings which may or may not help with the noise level.


I'd actually love to see an mx silent keyboard with an even more compact layout (keys closer together) and lose the directional keys along with the Insert/home/end keys too. I believe it's called a 40% keyboard.

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I may end up keeping it and simply look into getting some of those o-rings which may or may not help with the noise level.

I recently picked up a K65 LUX and I love it. I put .2mm o-rings on the keys and they help, but it is far from silent. I tried doubling up on the o-rings, but a couple of the keys became less responsive and I had to go back to one on each key. The good news is that if you go with transparent o-rings, the light reduction is very minimal.

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I tested o rings.

I tested 1 O-Ring.

I tested 2 O-Ring.

I tested 3 O-Ring.


The best is 2 O-Ring.

Since you feel and hear no difference between 0 and 1 O-Ring.


With 2 O-Rings I have no negative down effect.

Every key works just fine.

With 3 O-Ring the keys sometimes wont work properly...

AND 3 O-Rings are louder than 2.

That's because you instantly hit the ground so you hear a high tone.

With 2 O-Rings it's less loud (high tone).


So I can totally recomment 2 O-Ring per key.

If you take 40a rings transparent everything should be fine.


I bought those:


And for me they really helped.



It is my very first mech. keyboard. I never touched one in my life.

The speed switches are so soft that it's horrible for me.

2 O-Rings make it even feel better for me.

Maybe for someone who uses mech for many years will not like 2 O-Rings.

But for me it feels nice. Since I have a little feedback.

A little resistance when presssing the button.



Hope this helped someone to decide buying the K65 RGB Rapidfire with speed switches.


Oh, forgot to say.

Even with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) you don't hear the keyboard anymore with a decent "Noise Gate" filter for the microphone.

Same for TeamSpeak 3 with well configurated "Voice Activation".




I have a short question to the K65 Rapidfire.

When I press 2 buttons at the same time like:


then in a text editor it should write this:


but it only writes





with my old non mechanical keyboard it seems working.

But not all the time. Only when I press it really 100% at the same time.

But on mech it's not working. And I tried it a loooong time.

Any ideas supporting 2 keys at the same time?!

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