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Corsair void wireless can't get my pc to auto switch between headphones and speakers!


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audio devices dont actually work the way you are wanting them to. Some applications will have the ability to switch between different audio devices but at the operating system level, its going to send audio to the default device every time and the only way to change it is to change the audio device in your settings if you dont have an option in the application you are using.


You could get super fancy and use some sort of scripting, but its essentially doing the same thing. There are some applications that do this (audio routing is one) but i dont know of any that are free.

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If you want an easy way to switch between your regular speakers and the VOID Wireless Headset you can use Audio Switcher found here: http://audioswit.ch/er?utm_source=client&utm_medium=direct&utm_campaign=client_1_7_0_117#download


This little utility sits in the system tray and you can set "favorite" devices in it.


I set my favorites to my default audio output (sound card) and the other "favorite" to the VOID Wireless headset.


All you have to do is right click Audio Switcher in the system tray and pick between your favorites depending on where you want the audio sent.


Right click Audio switcher, select Headset/Earphone (Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle), Turn on the headset and enjoy. No more opening control panel and switching audio devices. Easy. =D


Want to switch back? right click it again in the system tray and switch it back to your speakers (sound card). Done.


You can even assign Hot Keys to switch audio devices.. Does it get any easier? And the best part.. It's Free! I would suggest you donate to the developer if you find this useful. (I'm not affiliated btw)


I found this utility when I ran into the same problem and wanted a simple (and quick) way of enabling my headset. I have this working just fine on the latest build of Windows 10.


Hope this helps you guys out.


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