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Corsair 760T Fan Controller Question


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Hi, I searched the forums and found 1 thread similar to my issue, but I'm not running 8 high performance case fans off of the 760T fan controller, so not the same scenario.


My use is much lighter. I've replaced the stock 140mm fans with 3x retail 140AF Quiet Edition non-LED fans. I've also added one retail AF120 Quiet Edition non-LED fan and plugged that into the fan controller.


Can I use a fan splitter to add one more fan (either 140 or 120 Quiet Edition) to the controller or is that too much for it to handle? Unless I'm mistaken, it looks like the retail Quiet Editions use less power than the stock case fans?


I have a fan controller lying around that fits into a 5.25 bay but would prefer to use the case's controller if I can get away with it. Thanks for any input.

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