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Corsair Link 4 cooler information freezing


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I'm sorry if this has been posted already but I couldn't find it.


I have a H80I V2 replacement after my H80i failed. I have struggled since day 1 to get the fans working correct by increasing & decreasing rpm off CPU temp. I found there was conflict with my other program installed AIDA64.


I found out on their forums to unchecked the "Asetek" box in the AIDA64 stability settings and fans are working normal now.


But a new problem that's happened a few times and also tonight. When I've been playing flight simulator for a few hours fans all working normally of course I open up the CL4 window and find that the Cooler Liquid temp has frozen as with the rpm of the fans and the pump speed.


Now everything is still running the fans are going as is pump but the fans are stuck at the RPM where it froze whether it be 1500rpm or 2000rpm. They just stay constant at this speed.


I'm using the latest version of CL4 and as soon as I reboot my pc CL4 returns to normal. If I close the program when the information has frozen and reopen it then the cooler information doesn't show up but all other system info does and continues updating.


Is it possible to get some help to resolve this issue



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