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H100i Dry Rot/Cracked fittings--LEAK--PICS


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Luckily there is no apparent damage but I will say I had no warning this was happening, just luck that I discovered it. I'd kept my windows open often this summer and decided to give my PC an early cleaning since I suspected extra dust build up due to temps being a few degrees warmer than normal.


The first think I noticed when I began cleaning was this pic:


Still in Case


Actually let me back up. The first thing I noticed when I removed my side panel was an extremely odd dust pattern on the backplate of my top GPU. The dust formed a perfect arc as if there was a fan blowing directly at the backing plate. I immediately wiped this and noticed it was slightly sticky and smeared as I wiped. At the time I had not discovered the crack and assumed that I was about to tackle more dust than I had expected due to leaving my windows open during corn harvest. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of that but dust wasn't as expected, the only buildup was on that GPU.


Anyway as you can see in that pic there is some cracking around the rubber elbows. I then removed the cooler and after a bit of air treatment to knock off the dust I uncovered the following:




Radiator (2)


The cpu block fittings show the same and while I did take pics I didn't see the need to upload more as those give a good idea of the issue. There has definitely been leakage because the radiator feels near empty and a slight shake uncovers there doesn't seem to be very much fluid inside. I also have a h105 and there is a significant difference in weight between the 2 radiators. Leakage would also explain the odd behavior of the dust on the GPU backplate.


Now I'm faced with a dilemma. The unit was purchased in Jan '15 and installed in May '15 so naturally it's under warranty. However this will be the 2nd AIO failure I have experienced in 3 years. The first was on a Coolermaster Eisberg that had separation between the copper block and the pump housing and been leaking on the CPU side long enough to cause rust on the motherboard. Luckily everything in both systems has survived but I'm now wondering is gambling with liquid cooling worth it?

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