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Polaris mousepad won't link with my K70 RED rapidfire


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My Polaris RGB mouse pad's lighting effects won't link with my K70 red Rapidfire keyboard. I have the K70 set to the wave effect, but whenever I select "lighting link" on the mouse pad settings, the wave is not synced. 585898642_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.bc25c7fd7a5e037471c401ed345467d1.png 512287312_Screenshot(4).thumb.png.3c9e3780b88ca654caab4914d8e18ddb.png

It oddly lets me select which lighting effect I want within the lighting link setting itself. I have tried other effects to see if they would link with my mouse pad, but none did. One of the main reasons I bought the Polaris was to link lighting effects with my keyboard. I don't know if what I am doing is wrong, or the software won't let me sync it. Help me plz

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