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ALT-TAB bug in Windows 7


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Not sure what causes this issue/bug but some times my ability to ALT-TAB doesnt work right. ALT-TAB will quickly flash the window select Screen and return me back to the same window as if I never pressed the key sequence. The only way I can switch windows is with the Windows-TAB button and mouse scroll wheel through the carousel style display. Disabling Visual Styles from the AERO performance menu (returning windows to WindowsXP look/feel) will restore ALT-TAB and also rebooting the PC will temporarily return ALT-TAB behavior to normal. With Visual styles turned on though ALT-TAB will randomly break break again. I Played around with drivers, updates, and read many threads of other people experiencing this bug until I stumbled onto one where the user replaced his keyboard to fix it. What does a keyboard have to do with ALT-TAB I though? Then again, I never experienced this issue when I was rocking my Logitech keyboard. Out of options I unplugged my Corsair K95 RGB, waiting 5 seconds, then plugged the USB back in...


IT WORKED!!!! This weird bug has been plaguing me for weeks and it's been my K95 the whole time... Just passing the news on should some one else experience this weird ALT-TAB bug...


Keyboad: K95 RGB

firmware: 2.05

Bootloader: 0.11



COMPUTER: i7, 16GB, Win7 Ultimate, GTX970

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