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Help! Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400mhz Problem


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n00b to this forum, so hi to all :)


I have the Asus Sabertooth 990fx mobo and on consulting the RAM recommendation on the Corsair website i happily went for the top choice the 2400mhz Vengeance Pro.


After having the same problems (running at 1333mhz) that lots of people have on searching google, i finally found what i thought was the answer, to choose the XMP profile in the bios which selects the correct timings, voltage and speed.


After selecting this, the PC boots fine but once the desktop loads it then freezes and I have to reboot. Bios is up to date, RAM checks out fine in MemTest, so i'm at a loss. Has anyone managed to overcome this problem or can give me any advice on improving from 1333mhz?





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Hi RT,

I have the same 990fx board and similar 2400mhz Corsair ram (upgraded from 1600mhz), Mine will only run at around 2133 MHz max- manually adjusted from inside the bios, If i do- 2400, it crashes in boot. If I let it auto tune from bios, It defaults to 1300. Put the Bios tuning on D.O.C.P. in advanced settings/ AI tweaker [the second advanced tab, and it's at the top of the tab] and down to> Dram O.C. profile-work your way up (or down-slower speeds at top,faster at bottom) to the last stable setting. worked for me, See how it goes, good luck!

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