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Individual Core temps @17 but package @ 40


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I am using the H115, in corsair link I just noticed that all my individual core temps @ 17 Celsius but package is @ 40 Celsius.


I think i remember that package is something like the highest temp of any of the cores or something like that.

Should I be concerned about the large gap between the temps? I can only guess it has something to do with distances of the sensors, meaning I can assume the 40 degree temp is what I should be using to gauge my cpu temp. I don't know, something seems off.



Heres a pic, this is idle-ish...while not in game.




I am running a 6700k @ 4.8Ghz vcore @ 1.425

Asus Maximus VIII Extreme


If that helps at all.

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Anything is possible. As far as I know, Ai suite 3 is not set to run on startup. There are fan control settings in bios, but I get lost in there. I have not installed the Asus fan extension card that came with the maximus viii extreme, or the thermal sensors. If there is any information that could help you, let me know what information, or how to obtain the information.
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Well, I suppose we are at the point in the year where you might have cool mornings, but it's awfully hard to idle at 17C. It would require your air temperature to be several degrees below that and that's before you start running electricity through the CPU. At your healthy overclock and voltage, that's a bit of a stretch. The 21-22C for the H115i Temp (coolant temp) is likely closer to the mark. Something is probably causing some conflicting readings and you may need to run one program at a time to get a valid readings and then figure which combinations can function together.


If you have it installed, AI Suite is on in some sense at all times. Many of its features do not require the program be active, particularly fan controls. AI Suite (and FanXpert) will override the BIOS settings once the program loads following Windows boot to desktop. If you have some DC fans on your case, you will notice this as the moment when they all calm down from the 60% minimum speed allowed by the BIOS. The fan extension card does not play a role in any of this and is simply a powered splitter for one of your motherboard headers.


Aside from the out of range package temp, are there any other concerns? Problems with core temps at load? Does the gap between package temp and core temps shrink when under normal loads?

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Link for SIV was timing out so I went to techspot and found vers (


Maybe you caught it at a bad time. 5.13 is the latest release.


All of the Disks + DIMMs + GPU are also rather cold, what was the air temperature? The CPU per core temperatures are none too reliable at such low temperatures.


If you 100% load the CPUs for 60 seconds what happens to all the temperatures? See Menu->Machine->CPU Stress.


SIV initial + [ Status ] screens.


Where is the [ Status ] screen? Press the [ Status ] button after stressing the CPUs.

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