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H105 - Rapid heating on startup


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I recently purchased a new system for my other half and I have stumbled upon what I am coming to believe is a cooling pump dead on arrival,

I will explain the build specs and steps I have taken to test it prior to this post.



CPU: Core i5-6500 core clock at 3.2GHz

Mobo: MSI Z-170A Pro

RAM: DDR4 3200MHz, 2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX1060

PSU: Corsair RM850x

CPU Cooler: Corsair H105


Symptoms: Temperature increase visible in BIOS immediate upon start up, Radiator fans ramp up RPM as temperature goes up yet heat build up is constant.

Radiator vanes and casing still cold are still cold.


Current Checks completed:

The Pump Power off take has been tried on CPUFAN_1, CPUFAN_2, CASEFAN_1 and CASEFAN_3

These fan locations have all been proven to power the twin Rad Fans however When using the pump power offtake the Corsair Logo is Powered up, yet the board BIOS Reads as "DISCONNECTED"


I have Checked that the copper heat plate was seated home, to test this I have removed the plate to see that the TIM was properly compressed.

I have then reseated the Cooler head and tightened the thumbscrews and double checked for an play in the mounting, no change


I have resorted to using the Stock cooler


The stock Intel Aircooler fits and has spun up functionally, while the CPU idled I held the Pump of the H105 in hand, still plugged in, and felt the copper heat plate on the base, it was still at a heat capacity that was too warm for comfort (est 60c+ judging from the fact it was uncomfortable to touch) a few minutes after - and there was a noticeable lack of any form of vibration in the pump housing that would signify the pump was running.


Now Further to this information, there was a noticeable gurgle when I originally powered the rig on the 1st fit which lasted for around 5 to 10 seconds, this has not repeated on any other boot.


Please give me a hand here?

I have tried what I could think of to no avail, have I missed anything or would I be right in assuming this is a pump essentially dead on arrival?

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If the CPU temps are slowly increasing from the moment you power on and no amount of fan speed will help bring them down, then it is likely there is some sort of flow problem in the cooler. A dead pump is one possibility, although a physical blockage is another. You should be able to feel some vibrations by putting a finger or two on the block. A lack of anything would be a clear sign. The lack of pump/fan recognition is also a dire mark. That alone would make me replace the cooler.


You can RMA through Corsair, however depending on where you live, you might find speedier/better return options through the purchase vendor. If they are unfriendly, go through Corsair and let them know it is a brand new unit. You need a separate login/password for the Tech Support site.

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