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h100i blinks white every couple of minute


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Rather than saying "latest firmware and software" it would be far better to specify the actual version numbers as you may not have even though you think you have.


If you close down CL4 does the blinking stop?


I have noted several other posts about this such as http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=162170 and as usual Corsair have failed to provide any information on this effect.

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Just checking in - - I, too, had that periodic white flash on the last 110i unit that I had installed.


I just received the RMA unit that they sent, and so far, no flashing now!


Previously, though, I did observe that the flashing stopped when I completely closed and exited CL4.


And, it seemed that it could possibly be tied to the number of fans attached to the Hydro's fan headers, too. I thought that I could run 4 fans from the Hydro's headers, until Corsair support set me straight and said 'no'. While I was doing so, however, I saw the periodic white flash.


Once I only put two fans on the header while I waited for my RMA to arrive, I did not see the white flash, maybe once or twice? But not in that constant way it was before.


Hope that helps!


Seems like it's a defective unit problem OR a software issue OR a combination of both?

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