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K70 RGB stuck in demo mode


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Hi. So my K70 RGB is stuck in demo mode and it does not want turn off. Windows is no longer recognizing the keyboard unless i hold the button next to the switch pressed down.


How do i get it out of the stupid demo mode? I got it to work normally once in BIOS with the BIOS mode switched on, but it went back into demo mode again and i am unable to recreate it..


OS: Windows 10

I only have USB 2.0 and i have tried using both cables and only one with nothing working at all. I have also pretty much mashed all the keys without luck.


EDIT: Performing a soft reset doesn't do anything and pressing ESC or Space is not doing anything either.

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Update the FW. To restart the keyboard after its been in demo mode (especially in Windows), just toggle the BIOS switch from 1 value to another (except BIOS) so CUE can detect it. Our latest FW disables demo mode by default.


Here's the thing. It's not detected by Windows at all. I've also tried it on a mac, which did not detect it either. Holding the pin next to the switches, which i guess turns on the manual firmware update feature, makes windows detect that it's a Storage Device.

EDIT: Forgot to add some important stuff. Holding ESC and pluggin it in to do a soft reset does not work. It stays in demo mode. Switching the BIOS modes does not do anything either. It's just stuck in demo mode and is unresponsive, making Windows not even recognize it as a keyboard, but does recoginize it as a storage device when the button next to the switches is pressed.

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The switch is for a hard reset. If your keyboard is now seen as a storage device, contact customer service for the full instructions.



I went to sleep after giving up with the keyboard, woke up the next day and decided to try again. Worked directly after a simple soft reset. Not sure whatever caused it but altest it's fixed.

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