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Just got a new K65 RGB Lux.


I'm having trouble loading custom profiles. When I import a custom profile (no matter which one of the half dozen or so I have tried) they are all rainbow spiral. It says it's the proper profile on the selected profile tile in CUE 2.


As well as trying the original profile untouched I've also tried changing the names of files in wordpad to ...


<modelName>CGK65 RGB</modelName>


And also...


<modelName>K65 RGB</modelName>


Nothing works, they are all just rainbow spiral.

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Don't know what just happened but I managed to somehow get a profile to work but every other profile seemed to wipe out. They were still there but when I select them they're just dead, no lights no default rainbows effects etc.


I'm starting to feel frustrated TBH.

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