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Cable for Graphics card to CX750M PSU


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PSU:Corsair CX750M

Graphics Card: Asus GTX970


Hi I bought a barebones system a few months back & only just realised upon buying the above graphics card that I'm missing the PSIe cable connecting to the above PSU from the graphics card.


Ive been told it connects to the 6pin plug sitting in the case unconnected to anything rather than straight into the PSU 12v port unlike others. Id rather it connects straight into the PSU but whatever works.


Can anyone please tell me where to source this cable? and if its one that has to connect to the 6 pin or can go straight into the 12v psu port.?


Also how many of these cables do you get with a new PSU as if I want to buy a sound blaster etc.. will I need another one?


Thank you

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