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Keyboard "goes crazy"


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I'm sorry but i didn't know how to discribe my problem better for the title.


On random occasions when i boot the pc my K65 LUX RGB wich is pluged in via USB 2.0 (so both cables) "goes crazy".

When you look at the both lights on the very right top corner: The right one of them keeps constantly flickering and any buton press will result in random actions, like opening/closing random windows or starting programs. When in browser, it writes random characters in the command line and so on.


Following things didn't work to solve the problem:


1. Reconnecting the keyboard.


2. Pluggin the keyboard in different usb-plugs.


3. Restarting the computer.


4. Plug everything usb-related out of the computer and only pluggin in the K65.


5. Scanning for viruses didn't help. the keyboad behaviour is still the same.


6. The behaviour is the same on a different computer.


I don't think that i have a virus issue because when i plug another keyboard in (wich i'm using now to write this) everything works just fine.



I'm sorry for my bad english, i'm from germany.


Do you know anything to help me with this issue? i can't remember that i changed anything on the computer wich could lead to this problem. it just startet one day.

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